HMS Warrior 1781

March 29, 2007

Keel discrepancy page added

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I have added a page describing discrepancies between the Romero and Hahn keel plans.  Take the link to the right in the “pages” section.

March 18, 2007

Stern deadwood

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I spent the day making up the stern deadwood, not too tough and pretty straightforward cutting on the scroll saw. Joints are tight, just barely visible. I almost cut this out of the 9/32″ Pau Marfin, but luckily noticed that it is actually made out of 9/64 stock. This isn’t mentioned anywhere, there is just one image that happens to give the dimensions, I’m glad I found it. Unfortunately, I had no 9/64 Pau M. so I milled down one of the 9/32 boards in the thickness sander. The whole thing turned out pretty nice I think.

I haven’t made the Stern Post yet. I’ll probably wait until I’ve finished the keel as the tapers need to match.

Y’know something I can’t figure out in the practicum is what is the purpose of putting a mortise and tenon joint along the
stern deadwood and sternpost as Romero describes it? How is adding a strip of wood along the inner sternpost to act as tenon to the actual sternpost any stronger that just gluing the one to the other? Perhaps I am missing something, but shouldn’t the actual tenon be part of the inner stern post (that is, intrinsic to it and not just glued on) otherwise it is just as weak as any other joint? Does this make for a stronger joint? I don’t see how it could. Instead of this pseudo-mortise-tenon joint, I’ll probably just drill up through the keel into the dead wood and sternpost and peg them (even though I have the sneaking suspicion that glue alone would be sufficient for strength).

March 16, 2007

more stem work

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(Note:  I seem to have lost the backup images for this post when I screwed up my installation, thus the images are missing)

Good God it seems like this is taking me forever……… another painful week at work………..

So here’s what I’ve got so far, the apron, the stem, and the knee sub-assemblies are all cut out and assembled:

and here they are dry clamped together, the joints look pretty tight to me:

The stem follows the Rev’s “advanced” assembly except that I used the single piece gripe from the “beginners” pattern as it seems to me to be more correct for the 1781 time period. It’s interesting, I put alot of time into the apron and stem assemblies and no one will ever see them…… seems like a waste of time, but I know how they are built and that makes me happy.

I have put some 3/16″ lining tape along the front of the knee to guide me in tapering it down to the required 3/16″:

next step, the stern deadwood. Tomorrow…….

March 8, 2007

Quiet around here of late…

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I’ve got to admit it’s been rather slow around the workshop lately, work has been absolutely brutal these past 2 weeks and time to work on the ship has been at a premium, a camp-out with my son’s boy scout troop this weekend won’t help much either.  I decided to go ahead and rebuild what I screwed up (seems to be a theme around here) and,  so far I have cut out and rebuilt the stempost and knee of the stem.  When I get a chance to breathe I’ll do the apron and begin tapering everything and putting in the rabbet….. God willing I get some free time.  No pix this time.

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