HMS Warrior 1781

June 30, 2007

Box full of spales

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I made up the spales today in a variety of sizes, simple enough but time consuming.

I didn’t glue the wood blocks to the brass tubes or bolts, they actually fit quite snugly so I can change out different lengths of tube without having to make more blocks.

June 29, 2007

Keel-holding jig

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I spent the evening building the keel-holding jig. It seems like a fairly simple affair, but it’s a little more involved than first advertised. Getting everything centered on the board and accurate is key and I’m a perfectionist of sorts.

Centering it all up:

The finished jig with keel in place and 3 frames dry-fitted in:

and from the stern:

I have since moved the top brass bar just underneath the sternpost as I was having trouble getting the keel in and out with it up high. It’s much easier to manipulate now. I am too lazy to take a picture though. It’s late…..

June 28, 2007

Flat frames

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All of the flat frames are now cut out (all 29 of them), they still need to be finish sanded and the keel notches adjusted though. Here they are dry fitted into the framing jig.

I really need to make the keel-holding jig, I’ve been putting it off, the frames are more fun……

June 26, 2007

Back to work – cutting frames, more books

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Well, after about a 3 week hiatus from working on the ship, my life is once again quiet and slow enough to get back to it. I spent the night cutting out frames and now have 17 of the flat frames cut out. I couldn’t resist dry fitting some of them into the jig to see how things look so far, cool if you ask me (but who’s asking):

I also got a few more books for the library (I’m on a book roll, and there’s still a few more coming):

Deane’s Doctrine of Naval Architecture, edited by Brian Lavery

The Art of Ship Modeling, by Bernard Frolich

This last one is a translation to English from the original French and it is absolutely amazing. The French ship modelers are creating true works of art. This book is expensive, but worth every penny. Gorgeous stuff.

June 22, 2007

Another book……

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I picked up a copy of “Building the Wooden Fighting Ship” by James Dodds and James Moore

It’s a little dated, but still a fun read.

I have a few more books on order that should be coming in over the next few days (hopefully…….)

I also added a “recommended reading page” that lists some of the books I am using for reference in this project. Take the link to the right under “pages



June 17, 2007

Camping and books

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I spent all of last week at boy scout camp with my son, it was hot and humid but fun. My hands are a little raw from teaching knot tying and lashings to 12 year olds, but i have to tell you I love the feel of 1/4″ sisal rope. Needless to say I didn’t get much done on the ship, but when I got back yesterday I had a nice little surprise waiting for me in the mail from amazon:

Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars
by Robert Gardiner

The 50-Gun Ship: A Complete History
by Rif Winfield

Just a little light late night reading.

Actually, I really like the 50 gun ships of the late 17’th century, lovely lines and I love the wreaths around the gunports, very elegant.  Perhaps my next project after the warrior……….

June 5, 2007

Dumbass of the Year Award goes to……

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I was trying to update the blog software tonight through my web-host, they have a nifty little service so you can do it simply through their interface. I thought I had checked the “upgrade software” box, but in reality I checked the “delete software” box. Then I hit OK. It wasn’t until the server responded, “the software will be deleted from the server in the next 5 minutes” that I realized what I had done. There was no going back, it didn’t take 5 minutes, it took less than one. When I checked the website, the blog was gone, kaput, nada, niente, nothing.

My heart sunk into my colon. I’m sure that if you had stuffed a piece coal up my ass I would have crapped out a diamond.

Heart pounding, I almost cried. I looked at my screen again…… “the software will be deleted from the server in the next 5 minutes” then I read the next line ” Note, we didn’t delete the associated database. You can do that from our MySQL area if you’d like to.” Jaysus! It’s all still there. It only deleted the software and not the database.

I reinstalled the software, making sure to use the current database and Voila! It was back!!!!! Holy crap!!!!! Can you believe it? All posts and all comments. All I had to do was re-upload all the images (which were fortunately all still on my computer) and I was back in business. The site was gone for maybe 30 minutes before I had it back up and running
Disaster averted, but I’m still feeling like a complete idiot.

Classic bit of wisdom here, (because I’ve done similarly stupid things in the past and I should know better):


(or install new drivers or new hardware or anything else that could lay waste to your computer, your work, your files, your website or your life), you will get no sleep until it’s fixed – people often ask me how I know so much about computers. You screw enough of them up late at night and you learn a thing or two about fixing them (or not).

God has a sense of humor and late-night software upgraders are the butt of the joke – guaranteed. I’m sure he had a good laugh tonight.

Nitroglycerin for the old cardio anyone?

June 4, 2007

More frames…..

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A weekend’s work, this finishes up the basic frames 3-36, C-R from the first frame cutting jig.  I’ll trim these up over the next few days.

hmmmm……… looks a lot like last week’s stack.

Here’s everything together.

That’s more like it.

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