HMS Warrior 1781

August 26, 2007

The second set of flat frames

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Up to this point, all of the frames have come off the first frame pattern. The second pattern was a little confusing with the two halves of the frame patterns overlapping on the diagram, so when I photocopied and laminated this set I color coded the two halves for clarity:

The second frame pattern makes frames 1, 2, 37-42, A, B, S-U.

I made up the frame blanks in the same manner as I did in this post.

Here are the frame blanks glued up, pre-trimming:

and post trimming, waiting for the frame patterns to be glued on and cut out:

I’ve decided to hold off on finishing these frames and to continue on making the cant frame blanks in the meantime (next post).

One thing about the Hahn method of framing is that there is a lot of wasted wood, here are the bits trimmed off of all the frame blanks so far (you should see the pile off-cuts from cutting out the finished frames – a real waste):

I have friend who is really into barbecuing, I’m going to give him this box of scraps for his smoker, as they are all too small to be used for other purposes. It’s expensive cherry wood barbecue seasoning. 🙂

More frames added

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Frames 3-6,C,D, 27-36, N-R have all been beveled and glued into the jig. It’s nice to see the shape of the hull finally starting to develop.

August 25, 2007

My next project………

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Earlier this month we spent a week of vacation in northern California along the coast; Moro Bay, Big Sur, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Monterrey, San Jose, San Francisco. It was a great time and a welcome break from the 100 degree weather we have here in August in the Midwest.

It was in Moro Bay that I found the subject of my next project:

click the picture for a better view.

She’s a real beauty ain’t she? ……..Ouch………… it hurts just to look at that thing.  Is that Captain Quint driving it?  🙂

Marking the frames for bevels

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Since the frame pattern is only rubber cemeneted to one side of the frame, half the bevel patterns will also need to be transferred to the opposite side. Rev. Romero recommends eyeballing it for the shallow bevels and gluing a second pattern on for the more severe bevels. I gotta be different, here’s how I did it (at least for the shallow bevels so far). The eyeballing method was too subjective for me.

In this instance, the dotted line needs to be transferred to the other side:

I start by marking out several places along the where the bevel is 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mm “thick”. Using a right angle I transfer these over the cut edge to the other side:

Then using a French curve that matches the frame I connect the lines:

The line transferred to the other side:

beveling on the spindle sander:

The finished bevel, I admit it’s a little hard to see in this photograph:

I actually did all this about a month ago but just haven’t had the time to post it up here.

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