HMS Warrior 1781

September 22, 2007

Where I am so far…….

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I haven’t posted in a while, so this should bring us up to date.

I finished cutting out and beveling all the rest of the square frames and then glued them all into the jig (frames 1, 2, 37-42, A, B, S-U). Not much to say here it went pretty much like all the rest of them.

and finally, a nerd with a ship. 🙂

Today, I finally got up the guts and glued the keel in, kind of made me nervous as this is a no-turning-back stage.

I put a drop glue in each keel slot and then stuck the keel on,

I then clamped an aluminum level along the keel to make sure that there was no bowing of the keel and that all was level and square. Note, I only installed a batten to only one side of the keel, as this was all that was really needed to keep the frames stable for getting the keel in and out.

And that’s it, we are all up to date.

Cant frame blanks

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Since I was in the mood and had everything out for making up the last of the square frame blanks I decided to just go ahead and finish making up all the blanks for the cant frames also to get them out of the way. (See this post for a review of my method of making up blanks)

cutting the billets:

lining them up on the patterns (color coded again to avoid confusion):

assembling the sides:

finished sides:

One thing I found is that when gluing the sides up into the finished frame blanks, I needed much more weight than I did with the square frames (I have no idea why), so I piled on a few more paint cans for about 90lbs total – no pix of this though. At any rate here is the box of finished cant frame blanks.

One thing to remember is that you need to make right and left handed blanks for each of the cant frames. I got into a “factory” mode and wasn’t paying attention before I discovered that I had finished 8 too many right handed blanks and had to go back and cut up some more wood to make up the 8 left handed blanks that I now needed. Oh well, a few extras in case I screw a few up when cutting out the cant frames.

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