HMS Warrior 1781

November 7, 2007

Cutting out cant frames

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I have spent the past few weeks cutting out the cant frames, both bow and stern and have just finished tonight. Time has been at a premium of late so it has taken far longer than I wanted or anticipated. I still need to shape them, which should take me another couple of months at this rate.

All of the bow cant frames cut out – but not shaped/beveled:

All of the stern cant frames cut out – but not shaped/beveled:

And once again, here’s what really kills me about using the Hahn method of frame construction – look at this mound of wasted wood left over, sure it is an easy way of making frames, but yeesh, just look at all of that firewood, expensive cherry firewood………….

…… sad, really……….

OH, BTW, I am up to date with my posts now.

Main wale boxing pieces, part 2

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So, it’s been a month since I’ve posted. I finished up the main wale boxing pieces a while back. Again, I deviated a little bit from how the Rev. does it in the practicum. First off he recommends gluing the side profile to a piece of 3/8″ thick plywood. Nuts to that, it’s not particularly cheap, it’s hard to find, and 1/4″ hardboard works great (and is cheap as dirt). So that’s what I used, worked out great. I had to cut a few small notches in the bottom of it to fit over the screws in the surface of the building board.

The practicum says to use two different widths of wood for the boxing pieces, I wanted my frames to be as evenly spaced at the wales as they are at the keel so I sanded each piece individually and matched their width to the frame spacing at the keel, you can see how I fit the pieces at the keel before moving them down and gluing them in at the wales (I managed to sand off my fingerprints making these):

I dunno if it matters to have that much precision, but the frames are absolutely even, straight, and perpendicular both sideways and along the flats – makes feel good, 🙂

Here’s a close up, you can see that I had to wedge in some extra wood and tie some of the frames to hold them in place while the glue set:

The practicum shows the rev. individually marking the outboard curve on each boxing piece and then cutting each to fit, again, I say nuts, that’s way too much work for such little pieces. Just glue them in and trim off the protruding bits with an X-acto knife chisel blade. It took about 5 minutes to trim the whole side:

A finished side:

It is amazing how much strength these add to the frames, the whole construction is much more sturdy now. It’s tedious work though.

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