HMS Warrior 1781

January 20, 2008

Suspense….. of sorts

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It looks like I may have to suspend work on the Warrior for a while. As the the winter becomes colder, the humidity has dropped precipitously and I have experienced two frame splits over the past two days (the last time the humidity got this low a few weeks back I had 4 frame splits). I am having a hard time keeping the humidity up high enough even with a humidifier and as I am at the stage where I am doing the initial sanding of the hull I am afraid the vibrations of sanding will just increase the likeliness of more splits. I have stabilized the hull with a “strap” clamp of sorts. It’s frustrating, hopefully the humidity will come up again soon.

January 8, 2008

Enemy me (update stern cants & hawse timbers)

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The stern cant frames are done – have been for a while now – I’ll post on them in a day or two.

I’ve been working on the hawse timbers and I have to say….

The enemy of GOOD is BETTER……..

The port side hawse timbers are finished and glued in place……..  I looked at the starboard timber assembly and thought I can just touch that up a little bit to make it a tighter fit against frame 62, well needless to say……. I screwed it up, over sanded the whole angle of the thing…. went from good to worse in hopes of doing better.

So I’m cutting the starboard hawse timbers out again……. sigh……

I am my own worst enemy sometimes

The following was added to this post on 7 October, 2008.

I am updating this post with pix I never posted, but am finally getting around to.  🙂

Stern Cant Frames

Stern cant frame bearding line:

Installing the stern cant frames took a number of “hacks” to keep everything in place, from clamps to spales to tooth picks and rubber bands:

Frame 52 does not reach all the way to the builing board (as the wing transom sits on top of it), it is a complicated shape but easy to make with the oscillating spindle sander:

Frames 52 are the last stern cant frames, pre-installation:


Hawse Timbers

Rev. Romero recommends making up each hawse timber as alminate of three pieces, I said nuts to that and just bought some 5/16″ stock and milled it down to the correct diameter, just seemed easier to me.

Here are the port side timbers roughly finished and tacked in place with rubber cement, I have marked on the trimming line.

Before gluing up each hawse timber, I fit them together and to the hull using rubber cement to check their angles and fit.  I have to admit that these babies were tough to make, getting the correct angle for fitting up against the stem was the toughest part and I over-sanded them on several occasions. Needless to say I have a box of ruined hawse timbers to show for my efforts.

The bitter remnants of my mistakes, a veritable boneyard of failed hawse timbers:

Once they were roughly shaped and prefitted, I glued the timbers together but not to the hull, I then finished shaping them as a whole unit. To shape the hawse timber assembly I used curved cabinet scrapers primarily, seemed to work better than sandpaper.

Here’re the finished hawse timbers (with the keel taped for sanding):

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