HMS Warrior 1781

September 13, 2008

Sanding continues…

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The inital sanding of both port and starboard sides is finished… roughly….. it is all sanded down to about 80 grit.  I’ll sand it further after I’ve completed the stern framing.  Right now I am doing the initial sanding of interior, which is rather difficult and cramped.  I’ve tried a number of different methods for this including a palm sander (too big), a detail sander (ineffective), sanding blocks (tiring), a Dremel (time consuming), what seems to work the best so far considering the cramped space and complex curves is a set of cabinet scrapers, straight and curved.  They work quite well.  That being said,  it is still a dull and tedious…. some would say a life-sucking…. procedure.  I can’t say I enjoy sanding…….  I had to go to New York city for a week, it was a nice break.

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